The end of

Not the end of life, just too busy living, perhaps not even that, just not interested
in blogging it in it's current format.

This site has been good for the 4+ years I've been running it and I've learnt a lot 
about myself, and had some fun in the process.

Times change, and I believe it's time for this site to go.  I might be back at some 
point, but not in the same format.  I want my life to become private again.  
I may come back blogging about IT, but then there's 1000000 other sites out there 
already doing it.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you've enjoyed my site.  I'm still running my 
photoblog, if you're interested in photos head on over to Eye of Wade(My photoblog).

Update Oct '06:
I started a blog again.  It's different this time.  No longer about me, 
it's about processes I see, and how I believe they should be improved (generally).  

It can be found @ The Brain of Wade(My Blog).

Update Jan '07:
BoW still humming, but am now also running a primarliy Buddhist site, with other interests in philosophy and psychology.  
It's called The Middle Way.  It's what I'm into at the moment, and I think I understand it.

Wade M

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The Middle Way

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